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Question: What is the walk-and-turn test in Texas?

Answer: The walk-and-turn-test, you put one foot in front of the other and they usually give you an imaginary line—often they don’t give you a real line—and they expect you to keep your hands by your side, watch you feet and walk nine steps out. And then they want you to do this kind of goofy turn and then walk nine steps heel-to-toe back. Very often, the officers want to see clicking of the heel-to-toe, and that’s not required by the studies. And again, like the one-leg stand, there’s just a lot of things that can affect how a person performs on those tests that have nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, that are individual to that person. And each person does those tests differently. And a police officer does those tests, sometimes a 1,000 times, and it becomes a lot easier the more often you do them. The first time you try them, whether you’ve had anything to drink or taken any medication or not, the first time you try it, it’s often very difficult to do those tests.

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